Today I Don’t Feel Positive

I don’t often run low on optimism.  I have a daily routine centered around maintaining, or elevating positivity.  I get up every morning before 6am, take a one mile walk to mentally prepare for the day, write a few entries in a gratitude journal—recognizing how much there is to truly be thankful for, and I set out to face the day with a clean slate and a heart full of new hope.

These practices tide me over and keep my spirits up on the majority of days.

But some days, I have to admit I just don’t feel like it.

Very recently I had of those days.  One thing after another seem to come at me.  After a while I became tired, irritated, worn down and sour.

By noon, none of my tools or tactics seemed to be working.  A dark cloud hovered over me and negativity seemed to rise from within.

There are times I can’t help but feel like a lost daughter, and a discouraged mother.

There are days I don’t feel like being positive.  Some days I feel like sitting down and thinking about all that’s unfair and painful.

Some days I just simply feel bad about all that’s been disappointing and unhappy.

And that ‘s okay.

On those days—you brace yourself to get up try again tomorrow.  Allowing those feelings to come—and then go.

Recovery means we can always start over and find peace again.

“The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” ~Unknown

Still learning,


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